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Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude in Action: The practice of writing down 3-good things nightly gives pause in our day to remember the good things that happened, and we can begin to focus on and savor the good in our life. Here are a few examples from the staff of West Fargo’s Sheyenne High School, one of The People Project’s participating organizations. 

Donated $20 to an anti-bulling campaign; thanked a friend who is getting deployed; enjoyed a viola lesson; was able to watch my twins at swimming lessons; laundry is caught up; a beautiful 60 degree day; and a student who worked diligently got the first A on a test. 

Start Simple. Give Freely.

The smallest gestures can mean the most. Here are ideas to inspire you.

Share your act of gratitude with us:

PERMA Enhancing Practices: Connection

Gratitude enhances positive emotion and relationships.

Positive Emotion

Developing feelings of contentment and joy.


Being absorbed, interested, and involved in an activity.


Feeling loved, supported, and valued by others. Other people matter!


Having a sense of purpose, feeling life is valuable and worth living, or connecting to something greater than ourselves.


Working toward and reaching goals and feeling able to complete tasks and daily responsiblities. Feeling of mastery and acheivement.