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About Us

Brief History

The People Project sprung from the mental well-being workgroup of the ReThink Mental Health Initiative of Cass and Clay Counties. ReThink Mental Health was formed after the 2013 Greater Fargo Moorhead Community Health Needs Assessment identified mental health as a priority health issue, and community leaders agreed to work together to rethink the fragmented, crisis driven service system, focus more on prevention, and create a community that flourishes.

Our focus on mental well-being comes from our belief that just as physical health is more than the absence of disease; mental health is more than the absence of mental illness. Numerous studies have shown that we can apply tools to retain our minds to focus on the positive and improve our wellbeing. We can build greater social connections, improve sleep and immune function, and enhance memory. The tools are simple… and life changing.


Building personal connection and resiliency through education, partnership and action.


Individuals, organizations, and communities are flourishing by promoting health through happiness.


Gratitude | Connection | Joy | Compassion | Resilience


A Theory of Well-Being

Positive Emotion

Developing feelings of contentment and joy.


Being absorbed, interested, and involved in an activity.


Feeling loved, supported, and valued by others. Other people matter!


Having a sense of purpose, feeling life is valuable and worth living, or connecting to something greater than ourselves.


Working toward and reaching goals and feeling able to complete tasks and daily responsiblities. Feeling of mastery and acheivement.

2020-2021 Participants

The following organizations participated in The People Project: 702 Communications, Gate City Bank, Lakes & Prairies Community Action, Pediatric Partners, Wells Fargo, City of Moorhead, Clay County Social Services, and Discovery Benefits.

2019-2020 Participants

The following organizations participated in The People Project: Bell Bank, Clay County Public Health, Clay County Social Services, Eide Bailly, FirstLink, Moorhead Horizon Middle School, Oak Grove Lutheran School, St. John Paul II Catholic Schools, Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley, City of Moorhead, and Cass County Public Health.

Pilot Program

The following organizations are participated in The People Project pilot program: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley, Cheney Middle School, City of Moorhead, Creative Care for Reaching Independence, Discovery Benefits, Eastwood Elementary, Emerging Prairie, Essentia Health, Fargo Cass Public Health, Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, GOLDMARK Property Management, LE Berger Elementary, Lakes Country Service Cooperative, Microsoft-Fargo Campus, Moorhead Public Schools Administrative Offices, Myriad Mobile, SE Education Cooperative, Sheyenne High School, Tellwell, West Fargo High School, and West Fargo Schools District Office.